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General Hiring Process for Flight Crew

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1. Application period

    Send your documents to

    Application Form

    ATP License

    First class medical certificate

    Passport copy

2. Wait for its approval

    Your application will be reviewed by the Airline. Once it is approved, we will send you a confirmation email.

3.Come to China for the ATP test, Medical check and company simulator check

You will come to China for the medical check, ATP test is quite difficult,so you should study the material we provide before coming to the test.The company sim check will last for 2hours.

4.Come to China for CAAC sim check

Once you pass the ATP test, medical check and company sim check,you will come to China again for the CAAC sim check. It will be 2hours for the CAAC sim check.

5.Report to work

After 2-4 weeks ,you pass the Background Check.Airline will send your visa documents to your country. Once you receive the work visa,you are ready to report to work in Airline and started Training soon.


Airline will apply for you the Application license. It will takes 1-2 months. At the same time, You have to finish ground training and line Ttaining.When you pass them all, you have the last sim check. If you pass,you will report to the Fleet.


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