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Senior Aviation Engineer

Huaxun Aviation Services is seeking for well experienced in design and manufacturing aviation engineer, and the majors are as mentioned below:

1.      Flight Control System

  • Fixed wing aircraft flight control system experts,specialized in design, development and verification experts on main flight system, High lift system, auxiliary flight control system.

  • Gyropter flight control system experts indesign, development and verification.

2.      Engine Control System

  • Engine reverse thrust control (TRAS), vector nozzle control design, development and verification experts. Specialized in design and develop hydraulic actuator and electric actuator under heat resistance and vibration-resistant environment.

3.      Hydraulic Component

  • Hydraulic valve experts, including electro-hydraulic servo valve, solenoid valve, direct drive servo valve in design and manufacturing.

  • Hydraulic pump/motor experts, including hydraulicpump and hydraulic motor in design and manufacturing.

4.      Fluid Sealing

  • Design experts on hydraulic, air pressure with hermetically-sealed connector, including seal ring design and application, heat-resistant material application, etc.

5.      Gear Transmission

6.       Lead Screw Transmission

  • Lead screw transmission pair design and manufacturing experts.

7.      Mechanical Friction

  • Research on machine friction pair wear-resisting, or study on improve friction experts.

8.      Electrical Machinery and Control

  • Brushless dc servo motor design and control experts.

9.      Electro Magnetic compatibility

  • Electromagnetic compatibility design under high-powermotor drive, nuclear radiation environment.

10.  Weld

  • Constructional steel and copper alloydiffusion welding experts. Titanium alloy and copper alloy diffusion welding experts.

11.  Heat Treatment

  • Constructional steel nitriding technology.

  • Titanium alloy nitriding technology specialist,non-hydroger carburizing technology experts.  

12.  Surface Treatment

  • Physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology specialist, nano-coating technology experts.

  • Flame spraying technology experts.

  • Marine corrosion resistance technology experts.

If you are well experienced senior engineer with the one of majors in above and interested in the position, please feel free to contact us to get more information by Email.

Name: Fiona Bu                    Email:

And we would very much appreciate it if you could help forward the message to your friends who might be interested. Thank you!

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