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Basic Requirements

·  1000 hours PIC on type

·  5000 hours Total Time

·  Current on type within 24 months

·  Maximum age: Rated Captains:  55 years of age.

·  Valid/current ATPL

·  Valid passport issued by a country that has diplomatic relationswith the People’s Republic of China

·  Valid/current Class A (First Class) Medical

·  No history of incidents or accidents.  Must provide a letterfrom your current/previous employer.

·  ICAO Level 4 (or equivalent) English proficiency

·  No criminal history.    

A320 Captain

Based on 80 hours per month.
Scheduling options:


Base Service Fee

Housing Allowance

Travel Allowance

Over time Fee

45 days Annual leave





92 days Annual leave





120 days annual leave





6 weeks on 4weeks off





4 weeks on 4weeks off





Contract Completion Bonus$36,000

At the end of the 1st year paid $8,000, atthe end of the 2rd year paid $12,000, at the end of the 3rd year paid $16,000.

Renewal Bonus: $50,000

The Contract Renewal Bonus is set up forforeign pilots who have completed the last contract period in Chengdu Airlinesand want to renew their contract. The contract renewal bonus standard is$50,000.

Safety Bonus: $20/hour

Flight safety bonus is set up for foreignpilots who have completed the first contract period and renew their contract.The safety bonus will be paid at the standard of $20 for each hour of safeoperation (block hour+ simulator hour) and calculated at the end of eachcontract year.

Loyalty Bonus

The Loyalty Bonus is set up for foreignpilots who have completed the contract period and renew their contract. The loyaltybonus will be paid monthly according to the following standard.



4th year

5th year

6th year

7th year

8th year


8th year

Annually Loyalty Bonus







Monthly Paid







Signing Bonus for CAAC license holders:  $50,000

For the foreign pilots who transfer fromother Part 121 carriers in China and holding a CAAC license, Chengdu Airlineswill pay a $50,000 signing bonus in the second month after the foreign pilots areassigned as captain (after PIC line check).

Ticket Benefits

Foreign pilots can enjoy 10 free round trip tickets per year on Chengdu Airlines for use by themselves or their immediate family members. Foreign pilots should apply for the tickets according to ChengduAirlines’ internal rules and bear the airport construction fees, fuelsurcharges, etc.

Foreign pilots can enjoy unlimited jumpseating on Chengdu Airlines, but must comply with the relevant regulations of Chengdu Airlines and the CAAC.

Training pay

Training Pay will be $300 per calendar dayuntil checked to the line. Transportation allowance ($1000/month) and housingallowance ($1000/month) will be paid during training.

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