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Join a Chinese Airlines

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Question: What is the process of apply/join a Chinese Airlines
     The process to apply/join a Chinese airlines are almost the same, here is a general guide for the foreign pilots who is seeking a job in China.
     1. Do your homework, choose ONE airlines you prefer to apply.
      Most of the candidates will try to get the screening/interview in several different Chinese airlines, which we really don’t recommend. This is because if you go to  airlines A and take the screening, if you pass the medical, then this airlines will issue your first class medical certificate from CAAC, once it’s issued, your medical certificate will blocked in this airlines A, if you try to take another screening in airlines B, then it is not possible for you to move unless airlines A agree, but if you pass the screening in airlines A, there are tiny possibility for them to release the medical certificate.
Thus,unless you failed the screening in airlines A, otherwise there is no way for you to change the airlines, please consider this factor and do your homework before you decide which airlines to apply.
     2. Prepare your CV and profiles, start applying the job position.
      Once you decide which airlines to go, you should prepare your CV and profiles, normally the require document by Chinese airlines including below documents:
         1) Application Form of XX airlines
         2) Passport with photo page
         3) ATPL with ICAO level mark(or ICAO certificate)
         4) First class medical certificate
         5) Last 3 pages (both sides) of the logbook
         6) Proficiency check record/ Recurrent training certificate
     Send above documents to, if everything’s OK, we will send it to the airlines you apply.
     3. Prepare for the screening.
     After your CV/profiles approved by the airlines, we will inform you the latest screening/interview.  You need to issue the Chinese visa to enter China ASAP, we can provide invitation letter if needed. Please apply tourist visa, and be aware that the airlines need your visa to confirm your plan to come. Some airlines need you to buy the flight ticket first, after you arrive, they will reimburse the cost to you, in this case, please book the flight and send the e-ticket to us. If the airlines will buy the ticket for you, please send your departure/return city/airport code, as well as the date and time. The airlines will cover your hotel as well.

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