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Basic Requirements

Ÿ   B737 type rating for ICAO license holder or Jet type rating for JCABlicense holder

Ÿ   1000 hours minimum PIC time with commercial airline

Ÿ   4,000 hours minimum total Pilot flight time, 3,000 hours on jet.

Ÿ   EFIS: 1,000 hours

Ÿ   PIC: 1500 hours on jet with maximum takeoff weight of 50,000kg orabove, or 2000 hours on jet with maximum takeoff weight of 30,000kg or above.

Ÿ   Valid Airline Transport Pilot License (“ATPL”) from ICAO recognizedcountry.

Ÿ   Last flight as PIC within 12 months of application preferred.

Ÿ   Valid First-Class Medical Certificate. (ICAO)

Ÿ   ICAO English Proficiency level 4 or above.

Ÿ   Below 60 years of age at employment if JCAB type rated. If ICAO typerated 55 years of age. (Offers employment until 67 of age.)

Ÿ   Body Mass Index (BMI) below 30

Ÿ   No record of accidents, incidents, or criminal activity.

B737 captains

Basic Salary (Net after Tax)

During  training              

After Captain  qualification

70 hours per month



1st year : $9,500USD

2nd year : $10,000USD

3rd year : $10,500USD


1st year : $10,000USD

2nd year : $10,500USD

3rd year : $11,000USD

Initial  Bonus

$5,000USD paid upon Captain qualification.

(After all Japan tax  paid, net amount)

Days  Off

10 days for non-commuting.

16 consecutive days off in 2 months for  commuting.

Annual  Completion Bonus

1st year : $10,000USD net after all  Japan tax.

2nd year : $10,000USD net after all  Japan tax.

3rd year : $15,000USD net after all  Japan tax.


20 days per year.

Ticket  Allowance

For commuting contract $1000USD per month after  captain qualification.

For non-commuting contract $1000~2000USD  provided to Employee and dependents every 6 month after captain  qualification.

Moving  Allowance

300,000JPY after Captain qualification one time  only.

Housing Allowance

200,000JPY per month after  Captain qualification.

Employee  Fare Travel on

Spring  Airlines Japan

10  one-way tickets after 6 months from Captain qualification.

20 one-way tickets after 1 year from Captain  qualification

Medical Insurance                

During Training Japan National health insurance  provided.

After captain qualification, Company group insurance provided.

Education  support

600,000JPY per child per year for non-commuting  contract

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